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NASCAR 2 one of the best raceing games ever made by

Well there are 2 screen shot of the accual game from sierra's nascar2 page. Now the review.....

This game has many abilites to expand on which they are going to do.(Nascar 2000, formally know as Nascar3) Had a tons of fun on Nascar 2 and it's even better with the Thrusmater T2 The game has full list of all the cars, but since the game is ageing there are new car files found on dedicated pages. The game comes with it's own car editor and paint shop. You can make car lists and put in stats of your own driver. Altough you cannot make tracks some people have found a way to create them using other track dat files. Now the Bush Grand National Track Pack is out and it has more tracks of the Winstons and Bush cars race tracks. The graphic are still great and i still have loads of fun now that i can play Nascar 2 on heat, so i would recomend this game if your a race fanatic and had 2nd thoughts 'bout buying this game.




Control:9.8(with the T2) 6.5(keyboard)

Creator: Aaron Guenther

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