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Sunday, March 13 1998

Boy spring break is almost here.Well kinda. Anyways just have not been able to play myth because when ever I manage to get to play, seems to be reparing the server. Well i hope it's for the best. i'm just now starting to remeber about or page..gosh been like couple weeks since i've been here. Well i think there might be another member. We all ready have blank robe. so if u see him around tell him welcome t o the clan. I'm hopeing to get forty members on the clan so we can "officially" be called THE FORTY THIEVES. So try to let me know if anyone u know is interested.


Sunday, Feb. 22 1998

WOW! haven't done this in a while, boy its been awhile. well, If you haven't noticed, rock and I have been busy. i've been trying out new games on network play, and so far, i still like myth the best. Rock and I have been playing Age of Empires. its an alright game, but each game lasts for about an hour or two. i didn't really like that. i'm starting back with myth again, just won a few games yesterday. hope you uys have ben winning games too. well, i can't stay on for long, we're under a BIG thunderstorm warning. i don't want my CPU to be screwed up. so, i might be on today, after the storm, so look for me. well, cya later. -Timon

Thursday, Feb. 12 1998

Well if u like school.....please help me out:) Anyways school's killing me bad! Yea I know, it probably is for you too. Well I haven't played myth in a long long time. I'm, just trying some new stuff. Like new games. Well looking forward to playing Resident Evil 2. Yea it is the best game. Well atleast for the playstation. I still like myth alot! Well it's nice to know just after a week of not playing myth I droped from 363 to 557. Gosh, well, I might start playing again. I don't know, but bungie has been slow and the rooms always go down. I don't know if they changed it, but I sure hope they have. Well enough is enough and I need to get back to my reseach on alzhiemer's for a bio. project. oh boy! Well I probably won't be on bungie but I got a 4 day weekend in this week, so i'm looking forward to do some "myth'n" later

-The Rock

Tuesday, February 3 1998

Well, there isn't much to say. I haven't been able to play myth lately. I've been busy with school work and everything else. I also been working on the web page alot(notice some new things?) I got the new join page up. I also got a bunch of backgrounds on the page. I'm not done yet though, i'm thinking of alot to add on there. We also got a new email <--- especially made for the clan. So you guys don't overflow my personal email. j/k. Well, remember, you can still send your requests or coments on the page at yes, its the same address up there. Oh well. Also, I'm ganna start challenging other orders, and if you want to be part of it, I'll let you in on the date we'll play. depends on how many people wanna play though. like a game of 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4...and so on. So just email us and you can join in on the slaughter. (yes, if you haven't noticed YET! its the same address) I'm just letting you know that we got a new address. -Timon

Sunday, January 26 1998

HEY! It's Super Bowl SUNDAY!! Oh well. Sorry, I'm not THAT much into Pro Football. Well, There isn't much new except that is having that big turnament. It sounds cool and I might be in it. Hope you've been playing myth lately to try to get your scores up quickly because they're going to reset the scores soon. That sucks, right when I get my emperior crown back, they reset the scores. Oh well. I haven't been getting any email from you guys about changing the page so I guess its ok. We don't need to make any changes. I guess thats all the news for today and I hope to see you on -Timon

Tuesday, January 20 1998

Well, there isn't much to say but to let you know about the final update for myth.Go HERE. to get it. Also, if you haven't noticed, we got the news page up finnally. Rock and I spent awhile thinking of how we could improve the page, and we desided to make a news page. if you know of anything else you would like to see or have on the page, let us know. email us at Also, Rock and I are getting our scores up slowly but surely. hope you guys are too. oh, well. i guess thats it so cya on -Timon

Sunday, January 18 1998

Well our clan is officailly up on and well, the page is looking better everyday thanks to Timon's hard work on the members page and I found a great font for our new it? But it's also been a bad week for Timon and I in the ranked games. A special congrats to Gog, he's now ahead of us, since we both droped from emps to lords crowns. Great job. They have finnally gotten the last and final update for myth. Go check it out HERE. Well, nothing else is new, but our low low scores.. -The Rock

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